Conversation Marketing: The Conversation is the Thing

Christine Fife

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Seth Godin recently posted a blog titled Mowing the Lawn in which he talked about hating mowing the lawn as a kid with a broken down old mower. He goes on to advise: “Every person who does marketing, sales, product design or any other job that influences customers directly should spend at least an hour a week answering the customer service lines, using the same tools your customer service people use.” Well said, Seth! I want to go a step further and challenge marketing and sales professionals to eat their own marketing dog food. Every time you and your company make a decision to post ads, email prospects/customers, send newsletters, cold call, email unsolicited sales pitches, flat out spam people, troll for leads in special intrest groups or forums, create self-serving noise in social media outlets, post ad-style comments on blog posts, etc., etc., etc. first thin... (more)

Integrate Social Media Tools Into Business, Not Marketing Campaigns

In a blog post by Shiv Singh, author of the Going Social Now blog, Shiv argues that “Social media is not enough in a downturn.” In the post, Shiv says: “That its not enough to focus on social alone. That nurturing the conversations in the social realm are the starting point not the end game. That it is indeed about getting customers to influence each other to make positive purchasing and brand affinity decisions. That the core philosophies around social can and should be deeply integrated into a business. And that, the more holistically you look at social influence marketing - ac... (more)

How To Measure Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Social Media like Twitter and Facebook are hot, hot, hot right now — being used for everything from marketing to market research to customer support. But for all the buzz, the activity taking place in social media remains hard to measure, and there are still no clear standards on how to evaluate it. Web Metrics Guru Marshall Sponder takes you through social media measurement tools and helps identify the right Web-metrics choices for your business . ... (more) Ignoring Requests for Removal from Email List

I know you’re all waiting for the final posting in the “What it Means to Participate” series, but I want to share my experience with with you. As a marketer I find it interesting that they are not able to remove me from their email list. A few months ago I purchased Giants tickets through to take my mom, nephew and boyfriend to a game. It was the first time I’d personally purchased tickets to a Giants game, so understandable that I would now be on their email list. Right away I started receiving emails from I like baseball, but not enough to want emails ... (more)

Evolutionary Graph Theory and Social Networks for Marketing

Came across an interesting blog post today: The Evolving Face of Social Networks. A bit more science-ish than I normally would be interested in, but as it pertains to social networking I was intrigued. The blog post raised two interesting thoughts (and I am paraphrasing): 1) If social networks are so popular/widely being adopted, why haven’t the social network companies figured out how to monetize better? and 2) The use of social networks by companies to create positive externalities for consumers and influence network members may have in choosing to pass along a stimulus created... (more)